Equal Housing Opportunity

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Rule Reminder:

RENTERS INSURANCE – Our property insurance does not cover your property, even if damage is a result of a bursting pipe or roof leak, etc. For coverage of your property, you will need renters insurance. That is not required but is very inexpensive and you never know when a disaster will occur. Renters insurance will also cover you if damage is caused by you such as running a bath tub over, leaving a faucet running too long, cooking fires, etc.

VENTILATION – A bathroom fan is installed in each bathroom for the purpose of venting moisture out. While you are bathing, you must run your vent fan and keep it running until the moisture is gone. A hood exhaust fan is in each unit and serves the same purpose. The vent fan should remain running until you have finished cooking and all steam and moisture has stopped. This will eliminate excessive moisture that caused discoloration. Also, on nice days, let your apartment breathe some fresh air. This will keep your apartment smelling nice and everyone loves a nice smelling home.


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